Monday, August 2, 2010

Cleaning up the cafe

I started Maid Runner in 2009 initially as a way to change the public perception of maid cafes, and to record my experiences in them. As the blog turned into more of a review site, I was hoping to make it profitable by getting some kind of tie-in to one or more of the cafes, or at the least hosting some advertising. Unfortunately, that never panned out. And now, after 50+ reviews, I'm getting a little burned out. I'm also running out of new cafes in the Akiba district to visit.

I haven't really concentrated on maid bars, primarily because they don't open until after 6 PM, and I have to start working at 6:30. And, I don't get out of work until 11 PM weekday nights, which is about when my last train is running for going home. Basically, my work schedule doesn't fit visiting maid bars.

Places that I'm not going to visit in the near future are:

basicBar bB
Zoid Maid:Style
Little BSD
Little PSX
Dear Stage
Rea Uta

Mahjong Parlors (I don't play mahjong):

Boys Love:
Miracle Jump

A brief comment on this last entry, Miracle Jump. In Japan, there is a line of manga aimed at women, called "boys love", which is essentially guy-on-guy comics. Miracle Jump is a cafe based on the boys love concept (although, to be honest, half of the human cast are women dressed up in drag). The "cast" is divided up into "2D" (manga characters) and "3D" (the human servers). Worth checking out if you like this kind of thing.

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