Monday, July 26, 2010

Links to other websites from other websites

When you're done visiting a specific maid cafe in person, you can go on to visit their website. Occasionally, there are interesting things on the site that are worth checking out further. At a minimum, this is one way to learn about stores that don't advertise in the paper magazines, or only exist online. And at best, it's a way to discover PC games that you can play that are maid-oriented. What follows is a list of links I've accumulated by visiting the links pages of all the cafes I have URLs for. Of course, they're all pretty much only in Japanese but you can still look at the pictures.

Review and Events Pages
Boku no Akiba
G Para
Hagemaru Maid Link
Maid Cafe Maniax
Maid Cafe Times
Maid Kisaten Myahoo
Maid Kiss
Maid Kissa Journal
Maid ni Naru
Maid no Nikki
Maid Telephone book
Maiku Diary
Moeten Info
Moe Pota

Akiba Map Info
Akiba TV

Cosplay Supplies
M.I.A Costume


Maid Cafe (not in Akihabara)
Romeo + Giulietta

Maid Games
Melty Cure Games Page
Hiyokoya Game

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