Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A rant

A lot of noise is made about maids standing out on the streets in Akihabara handing out fliers for their cafes. But, no one talks about all of the other people standing out on the streets or near the train stations in standardized uniforms doing the exact same thing for other kinds of shops and restaurants. Akihabara, Ikebukuro and parts of Shinjuku are famous for the noisy sales people using bullhorns to get customers into electronics shops or shoe stores.

Here, we have people promoting Kanebo cosmetics.

Of course, a whole new blog entry could be written up just on the people handing out packages of tissue papers outside the train stations, advertising hair stylists, used bookstores, and pachinko parlors. My point is that in a country where shops advertise by putting people out on the streets to promote their products or services, there's nothing weird about women wearing maid uniforms handing out fliers. Eye catching, yes. Weird? I think not.


  1. Who is doing all the fussing?

  2. Primarily you see it with reporters that cover Akihabara (and who obviously dislike the assignment) and foreigners that consider women dressing up as maids as degrading.