Monday, May 10, 2010

Yokohama Action

It's easy to forget that not all maid cafes are in Akihabara. Most of them, but not all. And there are butler cafes (designed for female customers), concentrated in Ikebukuro with one or two in Shibuya and Akihabara. Places in Kyoto and Osaka are too far away from Tokyo for me to visit and see what they have, but Kawasaki and Yokohama are more manageable, being only 15-20 miles out from Tokyo station.

Interestingly, I found a "Yokohama otaku map" in one of the shops in Akihabara. Obviously, Yokohama, having a smaller population, is going to have a smaller number of shops, but there's still enough anime and video game fans to justify chains like Animate, Melon Books and Toranoana having outlets there. The Yokohama map lists 36 places, divided into categories including trading cards, plastic models, anime and manga shops, cosplay supplies and even cat cafes (small rooms where you can sit and play with some cats for an hour). Unfortunately, the map doesn't have a URL for the publisher so I can't include a link to it here. But, it does look like the publisher is related to Honey Honey in some way (since the H^2 logo character is used as a map guide). Sorry about the marked-up version of the map; I'll replace this one with a better scan if I can find another copy again.

Of all the shops listed in the flier, two stand out for me. First is Honey Honey, a maid cafe, at point #22.

Second is Bar Jaburo, a Gundam-themed izakaya not shown on the map.

H^2 is just south of Yokohama station and will be reviewed separately. Jaburo is maybe 1 km southwest of Sakuragi-chou station. For some reason Jaburo doesn't have any web presence, showing up mainly at review sites and in the blogs of people that have visited there. You can read about my attempt to find it on my main TSOJ blog, but if you're ever in the red light district there, you can look around for it yourself. (Bar ジャブロ - 横浜市中区長者町8-133、TEL 045-231-3035)

(Actually, there is a third spot, Dear Cafe, which isn't included in the flier, but is located in the same building as the cafe cafe at point #23. I'll review Dear in a separate entry as well.)

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