Monday, May 17, 2010

Maid Club / Toy Heli Museum

Sadly, Maid Club has closed its doors. This was the souvenir shop just off Chuu-ou Dori near the Akihabara station that had the huge billboard on top of one building facing the street. It was on the third floor above the Goodman hobby shop. In fact, a few weeks ago I'd gone by to visit Maid Club, and there was a sign on the door of Goodman that I thought was saying that Goodman was closing up. Turns out I was wrong.

Almost immediately, Maid Club was turned into the Toy Heli Museum, a small shop that sells RC helicopters, boats and cars. They even have a few RC itasha cars (the sports cars covered in decals of female characters from video games or anime). There's a table in the middle of the floor with a miniature city mock-up, and landing pads on various buildings that you can practice taking off from and landing on. While I was there, two male customers tried their hands at a couple different models of small helicopters with fairly disastrous results. Several of the copters are only a few inches long and cost around 5000-7000 yen ($50-$75 USD). The blades are light plastic and spin really fast, but there doesn't seem to be a really scary cutting factor and the blades don't shatter if the copter runs into the ceiling or a wall. The bigger RC pirate ships and race cars run several hundred dollars. As I was leaving, I saw one of the little copters plugged into a USB cable, recharging its battery.

Why mention THM here? Because they're staffed with maids!

Yes, THM is a maid-themed RC shop. I love Akihabara. Anyway, they don't seem to have a website, but there are a couple of blogs that describe the place. Definitely worth checking out and playing with the smaller copters.


  1. RC helicopter shop staffed by Maids? I bet Jetdaisuke is the major shareholder! ^_^

  2. Probably. Thanks for the link to the video! The heli shown in it is the same one featured in the Toy Museum. Very durable; has to be since it spends so much of its time bashing into walls... The girl's cute, too.