Thursday, March 4, 2010

Turning Japanese Maids

(Friday's regular cafe review is on hold until I get my new PC.)

The Metropolis mentioned this video in their March 5th edition of their Multimedia section. Youtube has at least three versions uploaded as of Mar. 4, and the one mentioned hit the web on Feb. 27. That one had 10,283 views by the 4th, the one uploaded to the Japanese youtube site had 14,000 views, and the third version was only 200 views.

Edit: Youtube is cracking down on these videos and deleting them from their site. You can try doing a search on "turning Japanese Dunst" and see if someone uploaded it again, or see if you can find the home page for it. Some screen caps at gammasquad.

It's a painful (for me) to watch music video of Kirsten Dunst's "Turning Japanese" cover (she does realize what the phrase "turning Japanese" supposedly means, right? And even if she doesn't, is she really singing to a female lover?) I liked the original Vapors version of the song; Kirsten's... not so much. But she is kind of cute, and I'm finding it interesting trying to determine if her tongue is pierced.

However, this video is notable for one thing in specific - if you've never been to Akihabara before, it does capture the essence (in part, at least) of the place. And, it's got maids. And that's ok.

Points for the number of cafes you recognize represented in the video (the main indoor location was at Mononopu).

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