Monday, February 1, 2010

Maid for You movie and Bizs

There's a free magazine, BIZS, that shows up occasionally around Akihabara that attempts to advertise some of the shops. The main focus of volume 3 is the new movie that came out Jan. 30 - "Maid for You". Looks like a weird combination of a murder mystery and a love story. Several of the scenes take place in a maid cafe in Akihabara that the female lead works in. The IMDB entry is missing the synopsis at the moment.

Volume 3 also has lots of ads for maid cafes, profiles on various maids from different cafes, and an area map showing locations of "moe" shops (not all of which are maid cafe-related).

EDIT: Along with the monthly magazine, there is a dedicated stand-alone map. On one side of the map are coupons and small banner ads for about 80 cafes, bars and reflex shops in and around Akihabara. The other side is the map itself, which is pretty much identical to what's in the magazine. The magazine can be found on the ground floor inside the Donkey building. The map is in a dispenser on the maid cafe map wall on the outside of the north wall of the Donkey building near the parking lot entrance. To find the map wall, go to Tully's coffee shop at the northeast corner of the UDX building. Cross the street and walk about 50 feet towards Chuu-ou Dori. It'll be on your left, really hard to miss.

BIZS Agency - Business Idea Zeal Success

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  1. Looks really interesting!
    I hope somebody releases the subs for it soon.

    The only thing about maids I've ever watched was "Maid in Akihabara", an 6 episodes series.I didn't like it, because the plot wasn't well written,and there were a lot of stupid and unnecessary things.

    Anyway,I'm looking forward to watch this one.