Monday, December 14, 2009

Maid non-cafes, part 8 - Goods Shops

(Usagi no Jinja)

It's a little tricky, trying to decide what a "goods shop" is or isn't. My initial sense was that we're talking about souvenirs, which immediately includes Usagi no Jinja and Maid Club. But just about every maid cafe has some kind of souvenir available, such as laminated cards, pins or CDs. The @Home chain has a shop attached to the cafe in the Donkey building that could be considered a large display stand that's just an extension of the cafe, but it is listed separately as a goods shop on the Akihabara maps, so I'm adding it here. Then we have Cosmate, one of several shops that sells anime character costumes as well as maid uniforms. Other shops specialize in contact lenses, wigs, boots and so on, but unless the items are sold by maids, I won't include them here. On the other hand, a new shop just opened up last week called Jeans Mate, which is a 24 hour shop with souvenirs on the first 2 floors, and clothes on floors 3-5, and it's attended by maids. I love Akihabara.

Goods shops:
@Home Shop (@Home goods)
Akiba Usagi no Jinja (General souvenirs)
Maid Club (General souvenirs)
Cosmate (costumes and supplies)
Jeans Mate (Souvenirs and street clothes)

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