Monday, December 28, 2009

Maid non-cafes, part 10 - Games Bars

About half of the maid cafes allow you to play a board or video game against one of the maids for 3 minutes for about 500 yen. The games can include the Pirate in a Barrel, seeing who can take out the most red beans from a bowl using chopsticks, and the Chomping Alligator game (pull a tooth from the alligator's mouth until it snaps shut). Winning the game may get you a free maid photo.

And, there are a lot of bars that offer games. But, there are a few maid cafe/bars that are specifically designed for one kind of game like darts or mahjong. Most have a cover charge (usually 500 yen for 1 hour) and none offer cash prizes. If you win anything, it's either an ashtray or a maid photo. (At Akiba Guild, it's the right to *buy* an ashtray.)

I've been to Akiba Guild, which is a fun place to lose $10-$20 at roulette, and Mermaid, which wasn't as much fun. I don't play mahjong so I have no idea when I'd go to MSN or Tempane. I'll eventually get to PSX, after I've gone to the other regular maid cafes. (PSX charges a cover, and I don't like going to places with a cover charge.)

Akiba Guild (Vegas-style gambling games)
Little MSN (Mahjong)
Little PSX (Darts Bar)
Cafe Mermaid (Darts Bar)
Tempane (Mahjong)


  1. I still can't believe I've found so much information about maid cafes.

    After reading everything,I really want to spend a lot of time going to these places when I visit Japan(but first,I need to learn to speak japanese perfectly).

    Thanks for writing these reviews,and keep up the good work.(I know it must be complicated,having to spend time chatting with pretty maids in a great place, LOL!!).

    I'm looking forward to the next reviews.

    Have a nice new year,full of manga,anime,games,and,of course,maids!!

  2. Thanks! I'll try. It is a rough life, but I aspire to be a professional, so I'll just keep putting up with the stress of being in a room with pretty maids. Don't worry too much about having perfect Japanese - just make sure that you have the basics down and can answer simple questions like where you're from, what you think of Japan, and what you want drawn on your curry rice.