Monday, November 30, 2009

Maid non-cafes, part 6 - Bars

There are bars, and then there are Maid Bars. In effect, a maid bar is simply a regular bar where they serve some snacks, and the staff is in costume. And the drink prices are almost double the norm. Plus, there's probably a house special drink that the maid shakes and pours at the table in front of you. And, the possibility of a maid photo. But really, it's just a bar.

Many maid cafes do serve beer and mixed drinks and some have fairly well-stocked shelves, such as is the case with JAM. And bars like Nagomi Bar and Cafe have a full kitchen for preparing hamburg steak, omelet rice, curry rice and pasta. So, there's a wide gray area between what makes a maid bar, and a maid cafe.

Places that specifically identify themselves as bars are:

Queen Heart
Heart Aid
Basic Bar bB
Nagomi Bar and Cafe

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