Monday, October 26, 2009

Maid non-cafes, part 1 - ASCII Weekly

This is actually part 1 of the "Maid non-cafe" series. I want to start off here talking about Weekly ASCII, a free advertising booklet that can be found at various shops around Akihabara. A lot of the ads are for computer stores, electronics parts and regular restaurants. However, there's a map with a legend sorted by business type. Two of the categories are "maid cafes" and "maid other". On their website, they have an interactive Flash-like map that lets you more easily locate businesses by putting the mouse cursor over the map. The problem is, the list of shops is out of date (that and there's no English version of the map). "Cafe with Cat closed its doors several months ago, and Mai Dreamin' 3 (opened in July) isn't in the list. The paper vision of the map is a little more up to date, but it's still incomplete.

In any case, the ASCII weekly map is a good starting point in collecting a list of maid cafes, and "maid other". This second category is fairly broad, and includes a couple hair stylists, some bars, a mahjong parlor, a darts bar, Little TGV and Candy Fruits Optical. I've cleaned the list up a bit, included English or romaji versions of the names, and confirmed that the links to the web pages work. I've also added a few shops that I've found that were missing from the ASCII list. The ultimate goal is to at least add descriptions of the shops in English, if not outright reviews.

Maid Runner's List of Maid-related businesses in Akihabara.


  1. Yet another online resource for the wonderful "Akiba" area. Yours is the most helpful and detailed, however. I'm hoping to read a review of Little BSD sometime though, as I'm wondering if the alleged "photos allowed" is true there, and how well it works compared to the typical maid cafe no-photos policy. Regardless, keep up the good work and look forward to reading more reviews in the the future!

  2. garbdoubt - Thanks for the comments. I'm holding off on LittleBSD for the moment because of the cover charge. I'm happier going to new cafes that don't charge a cover. But, I am intending to visit every cafe in Akihabara at some point, so I will get to BSD, and I'll see what happens regarding photos.