Monday, September 28, 2009

Metropolis article on Maid Cafes

The Sept. 11 issue of the Metropolis magazine has yet another Pop Life article by Patrick Galbraith, this time on maid cafes. I always cringe when I see something written by him, because he's so quick to insult male otaku while getting all smarmy and patronizing over female otaku (for the record, the Japanese use "otaku" to refer to anyone that obsesses over a specific hobby or interest, which is occasionally used interchangeably with "mania". So you can have a "train otaku" just as easily as you can have a "j-noise otaku". Galbraith usually uses "otaku" to mean "loser anime/video game/manga-loving fanboy geeks".)

In the "At Your Service" article on maid cafes, you can hear his teeth grinding as he's trying to avoid his regular backhanded comments. I'll refrain from commenting on the accuracy of the article, and instead just mention it here to let you draw your own conclusions.

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