Monday, July 27, 2009

Maid-related Products, 2

Time to re-visit the wonderful world of maid-cafe tie-ins. The first time, I included cosplay shops and pictures of Akihabara itself. This time, I'll only focus on foods with maid box art.

Let's start out with the best of the bunch. This is "MaiBii" (Maid Beer). The only beer officially recommended by maids! With "Adult Taste". Actually, I think it's just fruit-flavored soda, but I love the label.

Next up, maid ramen. This is just a package of ordinary ramen noodles. You have to add your own vegetables and seasonings.

Here we have canned maid bread. Chocolate cream flavor.

Actually, canned bread is a very popular anime tie-in, and can easily be found in the Tokyo Anime Center for a variety of anime shows.

"Moe moe".

The bread, de-canned. It's nothing really special, but it does taste good heated up with melted butter. The can then works well as a piggy bank.

This is one of the odder food products. Take hazelnuts, dry and powder them, then smash the powder into thin wafers squares. It tastes good, if you like hazel sawdust. Not sure what would be best to drink with them.

Finally (for now) we have "Puchi Maid no Apple Pie" ("puchi" means "petit").

I love the look on the maid's face as she eats the apple.

These are small puff pastries, kind of pie-like, with a smear of apple paste inside. They're pretty good, but it's a bit pricey for what you get.

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