Monday, June 22, 2009

Moe and Tsundere

There are two major character types that have worked their way from video games, anime and manga into the maid lexicon - moe and tsundere.

"Moe" is generally treated as being "cute and sexy at the same time". There's an element of innocence involved. Although the character can be aware of the effect they have on people, they can't be too obvious about it.

Hence we have "moe" "akiba de eclair cakes". These small creme-filled puff pastries can be easily found around Akihabara. I got them at Asobit, on Chuu-ou Dori. There's not a lot to them, and at 600 yen (or so) for the box, they're a bit expensive for what you get. They don't taste bad - a little dry and waxy, with a tasty vanilla or chocolate creme center - but they're not real eclairs. The main attraction is the box artwork.

Then, we have "tsundere", supposedly a contraction of "tsuntsun" (aloof) and "deredere" (lovestruck). The tsundere character is snappish and aggressive, then shy and submissive by turns. In essence, someone that wants to make you fight to get closer to her, then willing to give in when you succeed.

This gives rise to the "Tsundere Russian Cookies", with the sulky Erika-chan on the cover saying "eat them if you want". These little cookies initially come across as dry vanilla-coconut wafers. A few seconds later, they "bite you". Especially if you're drinking milk or soda along with them. That's because they're spiked with cayenne pepper. I also got these at Asobit for about 600 yen. Tsundere cookies are great fun (and not just for the little skulls on the packaging) because you can give them to unsuspecting friends. They're even better if your friends are of the opposite sex...

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